Visitors! (subtitle: yes, we are alive)

17 Feb

I don’t think I’ll add many words here, because if I try, I will cry. We are alive and well here in AZ, and this week we had VISITORS! Jenn and Addy came down from Minnesota for a visit, and it was wonderful. Addy and Delaney are only 2-3 weeks apart in age and have many similar personality traits. They hadn’t seen one another since right before we moved last June, but we all picked up right where we left off.




The last two really crack me up – first, Delaney wanted NO PART of a group picture. You should see the outtakes of my trying to wrangle her to face the camera. She was SO tired, she fell asleep three blocks after we left Jenn’s friend’s house. These pics are actually from two different days this week – Tuesday we met up at a train park nearby, played for something like four hours and then hung out at our place for another four or five hours. Then this afternoon we met up for some swimming in the heated pool where Jenn’s friend lives. Delaney hadn’t had the chance to swim in months, but she is such a little fish and the girls had a blast. The last picture, though you may not be able to really tell, shows both girls giving us their “Oh, just you WAIT until we are teens” looks/crossed arms. Seriously, the attitude/passion/feistiness in both of these girls is hilarious when it’s not wearing us out.

I’m a really lucky gal to have such treasured friends from home who still love us so much. We have more visitors coming over the next couple of months, and plenty more we won’t see for a while yet. I’m blessed and grateful.

Some day I’ll try to do more catching up on our little world – I haven’t intentionally abandoned the blog, I just never seem to have time and energy available at the same time…

Happy Halloween!

1 Nov

While I know I have a million things to update everybody on, I’m not going to be able to make that happen right this minute. But, my mom got down here Saturday (for good, though the sale on the house doesn’t wrap up ‘til next Friday, so fingers crossed that all goes as planned), so all is well on that front. Someday I’ll catch some spare time and start blogging again! In the meantime, Happy Halloween from my little ham!


These Days

26 Sep

I’m a bad blogger, obviously. I’m also bad at returning emails, and don’t even get me started on phone calls. Or commenting on blogs. I try to at least comment briefly on Twitter or Facebook when appropriate to show my buds that I have not disappeared off the face of the earth and that I still love ya all. Plus, my brother moved here a week ago (yay) and it got WAY more chaotic than anticipated. And mom was here for a week. And Delaney doesn’t nap and honestly has more energy than any other ten people put together that I have ever encountered. So, all that to say that life feels hectic. Oh yeah – I also cannot find the cord to charge the camera battery, so there has not been much picture-taking. Umm… ok, I’ll leave it at that for excuses.

So, these days…

  • Delaney is potty-trained. Yay! There are still occasional accidents, and she wears a pull-up for sleeping, but by and large, it’s done!
  • Preschool is going GREAT. Drop-offs are still tricky at times, but she has fun and it is so good for both of us.
  • Delaney takes a ballet class on Saturday mornings with Delila and Henry (and one other little girl whose mom is hella-annoying) and it’s cute as heck. Such a hoot. I love it.
  • While our pool time is quickly dwindling for the season (seriously, I had no idea the water would cool off so fast, but it is!), we’re still swimming when we can. Delaney is SUCH a fish now. I love that she also gets to do swim lessons once or twice a week with her preschool program (it’s at the YMCA). She jumps off the ledge into the water, can wiggle quite a distance under water, and all-around just LOVES the water – no fear at all. She hasn’t figured out yet how to efficiently come back up for air, but otherwise I think she’s doing great!
  • I’m SO ready for cooler weather, and cooler weather brings me closer to getting visitors from the colder climates! So ready! Did I mention I’m ready?

Recent Delaneyisms:

Everything is now spelled “d-e-l-a-n-e-y” with an announcement of the word at the end. For example, “d-e-l-a-n-e-y: MOMMY!” or “d-e-l-a-n-e-y: GRANDMA!”

Edamame beans are actually called “mommy beans” – bet you didn’t know that, eh?

One of her preschool teachers has been giving them horse tattoos on their arms (ugh, am I the only one who actually is not a fan of those things? whatever) and she calls them “tic tac toos.”

Obviously there are a million other things I should write about, but hey, let’s not push our luck, right?

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Protected: The Cat

5 Aug

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Playing in the Rain

1 Aug

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Yesterday we had this totally crazy rain – I think it was probably our first Monsoon??? Anyhow – we were fascinated and Delaney just needed to play outside in the water for a bit. I was worried the water would make it up to our door, but it didn’t. Not long after the rain stopped, I walked outside expecting us to be pretty much trapped, and most of the water was gone. Except in the parking lot, where I had to traipse through a good 4+ inches of standing water to get into my car. Funky.

So much else to catch up on, but just can’t get it done these days. On the bright side, Delaney will start a three morning a week preschool program in a week. I’m hoping that will get us more back on track with nighttime sleeping and naps, and give me more patience. Cause lately, I’d grade myself about a D- on that. Working a bit on potty-training, Tallulah the cat has gone missing, there are REALLY DISGUSTING BUGS here, Gidget is doing well, my brother moves here in six more weeks, and… Hmm… that covers a lot of it. The wee one is hoping to go swimming now, she’s turned into a total fish, so I’d best be going. Some day I’ll catch up…

tap, tap

2 Jul

this thing on?

Hey, look at that – even if you don’t blog for almost three months, you don’t get locked out! Imagine that!

Ok, so it was never for a moment my intention to post as I was checking out of the hospital and then disappear. Oops. Well, here’s a bit of what has happened between then and now and I am going to try to not make this painful…

  • Recovery went well. Had a brief setback about two weeks in due to back-to-back non-surgery related injuries but was fine a week after that. No regrets at all. Still planning to do the other surgery down the road.
  • I had a very fun “see ya later” party with a bunch of our adoption buddy friends. It was a really great day. Very difficult goodbyes.
  • Packing. Ugh.
  • Additional goodbyes in Minnesota – wow, there were some tears. I had the ugly cry going more than once. I’d better be getting visitors in Phoenix!
  • Moving. Good grief. May I never fly again with a toddler, dog and cat. I would have contemplated jumping off the plane if it had been an option.
  • The movers rocked. The process sucked.
  • It’s hot here. I sweat. It’s painful.
  • Unpacking… Hmm, I should maybe work on that one of these days.
  • Hot flashes suck. They had tapered off in Minnesota but seem to have kicked into high gear here in Arizona. It adds insult to injury with the heat.
  • Delaney is adjusting well. She’s two, you know, so um…. well she’s two. But she is good and as much her spunky, sweet, funny, smart self as ever.
  • Delaney is SLEEPING IN HER OWN BED, IN HER OWN ROOM, THROUGH THE NIGHT! It’s a freaking miracle!
  • I started an additional at-home job that has kept me really busy the last couple of weeks. So I’ve been even more MIA than usual, but I’m working on catching up.
  • My car hates Arizona. It will be making a visit to the service center on Monday. Let’s hope I make it there Monday.

I’m sure there are at least ten million other things I should be writing, but I am really trying to not make this a monumental post. I hope to get back in the groove and post regularly again, for all four of you who are checking in. I’m also behind on reading blogs and commenting, but again, I’m working on it.

The new place is great – I really love the area I am in, even if I haven’t checked out everything nearby yet (see car bullet point above). I haven’t even really been getting lost very often – the area actually makes a fair amount of sense to me! The townhouse complex (it’s only 23 units, so while complex maybe isn’t quite right I haven’t come up with a better word) is very nice – friendly but not too friendly neighbors, fairly quiet, pool literally right outside our front door. I know as we get a chance to get out and about more I’ll really get a chance to embrace it all. You know, once I have confidence my car will not overheat and leave us stranded on the side of the road in 111+ heat. Not that it has been weighing on me or anything, this car business.

More stories and I promise pictures to come. I have not been good about taking pictures, but I know there are some cute ones that need to be downloaded.

So basically it boils down to we are good, we miss our besties back in Minnesota, we will be excited to have visitors, we love getting to see our Kelley/Fred/Bunny/Ethan/Will/Delila/Henry more regularly, it’s really, really hot and going to get worse, and all is well.


6 Apr

For those of you not following my facebook or twitter… Things went well this morning. In my room now and feeling decent, better than I expected though there are of course some ups and downs. Should head home tomorrow. Delaney and mom were here, squirt obviously perplexed by it all but so far is handling it extremely well. Thanks for all the awesome support!


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